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The Sunset Cruise!!!

This weekend is going to be a big one.

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Gig Guide

The summer is going great. All my gigs are in Jack’s Irish Pub in The Marina. It’s so much more chilled out than the town, and it’s a little bit earlier. Which is cool! I duet once a week with Brian Cristopher. Here’s my gig times:

  • Sunday 6-9
  • Monday 9-12
  • Tuesday 9-12
  • Wednesday (duet) 6-9
  • Thursday 9-12
  • Friday 6-9

I hope to see you down there.

I’m not doing the UK Winter Tour this year. Instead, I’ll be in Harvey’s Point in Ireland from 14th November until the 7th April next year. I’m really looking forward to it. Donegal is a wonderful part of Ireland, and Harvey’s Point is one of the nicest gigs there is.


New Summers

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An anonymous colleague of mine said the other day: 

“This is the summer we’re gonna’ look back on and wonder why that one’s not as good as this one.”

The gigs are great. Thanks everyone for coming. 


Going up a gear..

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As of today, my gigs will be plugged into some really cool, camouflaged Bose speakers on the terrace. So, the gigs will be covering the great big decking area as well as Jack’s Irish Bar and Sangria Bar.

Which is very cool!


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