Martin Jonathan


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Track listing:

  1. Norwegian Wood
  2. Cheers
  3. Boys Of Summer
  4. Free Falling
  5. High & Dry
  6. Big Yellow Taxi
  7. ‘Ain’t No Sunshine
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now
  9. Somewhere In My Heart
  10. The First Cut
  11. Dignity
  12. Born To Run
  13. Fragile
  14. Human
  15. The Joker
  16. Shape Of My Heart
  17. Message In A Bottle

I had a lot of fun recording this live album. When you play it, you can really hear that it was a great gig. Lovely people. Thanks to everyone who came along, to Mark Cutting for his recording expertise, and to Thomas Abrahams for playing some cool guitar on the track Fragile.

I’m not good at thinking of titles, so this one is simply called “Martin Jonathan!”