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New Live album


Gig Guide


From the 7th of January until the 12th of April:

Harvey’s Point, Donegal.
From 7.30pm (not Monday’s).


I’ll be back in The Algarve from the 19th of April.

Sunset Cruise

The next Sunset Cruise will be on Saturday 12th September 2020

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The gigs are going great in Harvey’s Point. My only complaint is that time is moving too fast!! It’s February already.

I’m looking forward to St. Valentine’s Day. It’s always a wonderfully lovely gig.

Harvey’s Point

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I’m very happy to back at this wonderful hotel. Donegal in Ireland is a wonderful place, and I’ve heard Harvey’s Point described as a jewel in its crown.

I start tonight (Tuesday 7th January) and I’m here until Easter Sunday (12th April).

I can’t wait to get started…

Happy New Year!

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My UK Tour was great. Every single gig. From the pub by my old school, to The Kings Head in Warrington. Thanks everyone, and happy new year.

Next Stop: Ireland…

This is Garry. He looks after my website, and happens to be my best mate (since we were about 5 years old).

Happy new year, mate.

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