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Gig Guide

Steps Bar, Albufeira, every night from 27th of December.

The Padel Club, Albufeira, Sundays from 3pm.

The Cheeky Pup, Quinta do Lago, Sundays from 8pm.

The Winter.

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After a great season in Albufeira, the winter is finally upon us. Steps is closed until Xmas, and as much as I love working, it’s nice to wind down for a little while.

The Padel Club is still happening on Sundays, with one or two other things possibly in the pipeline. Watch this space…

Otherwise, see you next month in Steps.


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This year in Steps has been, and still is fantastic. Even as the summer begins to wind down, the gigs are great.

Albufeira Padel Club has become a lovely afternoon gig, that may turn into 2 days a week as we approach the winter.

The sun is still shining, and the beers are still cold!!


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Time is really moving quickly. It’s August already.

The gigs are going great. I have a few in Sharky’s this month aswell as Steps and The Padel Club.

As always this time of year.. It’s hot!!